Registration Options

Credit by Exam (Undergraduates)

Credit by examination may be earned for any undergraduate course for which a suitable examination has been adopted or can be prepared by the department granting the credit. This option is not available, however, for courses in which the student has been registered beyond the end of the Schedule Adjustment Period (first ten days of classes).

Additional informaiton regarding availability of examinations, application, fees, and other regulations is available from the Division of Letters and Sciences, Room 1117 Hornbake Library 301-314-9423.

For more specific information and courses see the Undergraduate Catalog.


Pass-Fail Grading Option

To register for a course under the pass-fail option, an undergraduate must have completed 30 or more credit hours with a G.P.A. of at least 2.0. At least 15 of these credit hours must have been completed at UMCP with a University of Maryland GPA of at least 2.0.

Courses must be electives in the student’s program; they may not be college, major, field of concentration, or general education program require-ments. Only one course per semester or summer session may be registered under the pass-fail option. No more than 12 semester hours of credit may be taken under the pass-fail option during a student’s college career.

Under the pass-fail option, a course that is completed with a passing grade will count toward the student’s total credit hours but will not be computed in the grade point average. A course that is completed with a failing grade will appear on the student’s record and will be computed both in the overall average and in the semester average.

Students may not choose pass-fail grading when re-registering for a course.Grading Option changes may be processed only during the first ten days of classes. Graduate students are not eligible for the Pass-Fail grading option.


Repeating Courses

Repeating Policy for Undergraduate Students

The following policies apply to ALL courses that may not be repeated for additional credit.

1. The following students are required to follow the new Repeat Policy:

  • All new freshmen who began at UMCP Fall 1990 and after.
  • All transfer students. Exceptions: Students from Maryland Community Colleges who began at UMCP Fall 1990 or later and students attending UMBC's College of Engineering from Fall 1990 through Fall 1991.

2. There is a limit to the number of times a student may repeat a course. Students may have one repeat of any course in which they earned an A, A+, A-, B, B+,B-, C, C+, C-, D,D+, D-, F, P, S, W, I, NGR, or Audit. After the Schedule Adjustment Period they cannot be registered for any given course more than twice. A student's dean's office may grant an exception allowing an additional course repeat. In this case, students must present a plan for successfully completing the course. All attempts will be counted toward the total limit for repeatable credits.
Note: Students may not choose the Pass-Fail option when registering for a course or re-register for a course in which a grade of "I" has been noted.

3. Students may repeat no more than 18 credits. Additionally, if a student withdraws from all courses during a semester, those courses are not included in this limit.

4. The grade point average will include all attempts at a given course that results in a grade of A, A+, A-, B, B+, B-, C, C+, C-, D, D+, D- or F. However, to help freshmen and transfer students adjust to the UMCP campus, the following two exceptions allow for the cumulative GPA to be calculated so that only the higher grade is included:

  • When the repeated course was taken within the student's first semester at UMCP
  • When the repeated course was taken within the student's first 24 credit hours attempted (including transfer credits) or within the semester during which the student reached the 24th credit hour attempted.

5. Any grade earned in prior attempts of a repeated course will appear on the student's transcript, regardless of whether the grade is dropped from, or averaged into, the cumulative grade point average.

6. If a student repeats by transfer a course that was taken before or during the semester in which the student reached 24 credits attempted (including transfer credits) and the transfer grade is higher, then the original grade in the course will be excluded from the G.P.A. calculation. If the course was taken after the semester in which the student reached 24 credits attempted then the original grade remains in the G.P.A. calculation. Special exceptions can be requested by the student's college dean in unusual circumstances.